Flashpoint 1: Havu outclassed Envy, Cloud9 left no chance to CPH Flames

The fourth game day of the second stage of Flashpoint 1 has been played and the first participant of the Grand Final and the main outsider of Group A have been determined  by the result of it. HAVU secured a convincing win over Envy in the top bracket final, while Copenhagen Flames lost to Cloud9 in and lost all chances to make it to the playoffs.

The rivalry between HAVU and Envy took place by the  Finnish team dictation, who were lucky enough to play on Mirage and Dust2. In the first half of both cards HAVU provided a comfortable advantage in several rounds, and after the change of sides ended the game with a convincing series. The final results were 16:7 and 16:6.

The winner between Cloud9 and Copenhagen Flames was also determined on two maps. C9 won their Dust2 16:8, giving the opponent only one round on the attack side, while on Overpass the victory was achieved only after two series of additional rounds - 22:19.

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