ESL Pro League S11: VP started with a loss

At the end of the game day of the regular season ESL Pro League S11, FaZe, Evil Geniuses and FURIA recorded victories to their account. The defeateded, Swole Patrol and MiBR will continue the tournament race among the temporary outsiders.

FaZe proved to be superior on two cards.'s overpass pick ended 16:11, while on Mirage the final difference was only three rounds - 16:13. FaZe headliners NiKo and coldzera finished the match with impressive ratings of 1.48 and 1.35 respectively.

The second BO3 match also ended on two maps. On their Vertigo Swole Patrol have brought up the fight to the more experienced Evil Geniuses, but eventually lost with a minimal advantage in the main time. Inferno in the first half went to Swole Patrol, but Evil Geniuses were able to take control of the game after the change of sides and ended the game in their favor with a 16-10 second card score.

In the Brazilian derby MIBR faced FURIA. The teams exchanged huge victories on opponent's map and everything has been decided on Mirage. The first half of the decisive game was played equally, but MiBR could not performy any rounds for the attacking side, giving FURIA a series of nine wins. The result of the third card is 16-8.

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