MAD Lions & c0ntact start Flashpoint 1 second stage with a win

The Flashpoint 1 league kicked off with the first games of the second stage in Group B. The first winners of the stage are c0ntact and MAD Lions, who have beaten Fun Plus Phoenix and Chaos respectively.

In the first match of the day the Danes from MAD Lions were stronger than Chaos and coped with them with a score of 2-0 on maps. In the end of the first card, which was Dust2, the North American squad managed to deny three mapped points 15:11, but in the end lost minimally - 16:14. On Nuke MAD Lions won 8 rounds on each side and finished it 16:10 in their favor.

 Bad News Bears, who represent Fun Plus Phoenix in the league, lost to c0ntact in their debut match. FPX started by winning the opponent's Train - 16:9, but the next Inferno and Dust2 lost to Europeans with the result 16:14 and 16:12 respectively.

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