EPL S11 EU & NA. mousesports outplayed FaZe; G2 overcame TyLoo

The matches of the European and North American divisions of ESL Pro League S11 go on. At the end of Saturday's game day the victory have been celebrated by G2, mousesports and Liquid.

TYLOO established themselves as the main outsider of the European region after the defeat by G2. On Inferno, the Asians were able to take only 3 rounds in the first half, which predetermined the final defeat - 16:7. Dust2, their opponents' pick, TYLOO started 11:4, but later brought it to the last round of the main period, which they won and finished the card 16:14. At the decisive Vertigo, TYLOO had almost no chance to win, thanks to the outstanding performance by kennyS, who scored 35 kills. The result was 16:3 in favor of G2.

mousesports have beaten FaZe with a total score of 2:1, despite the defeat on the starting map of Nuke - 16:9. Game progression on the next two cards was almost identical: Finn "karrigan" Andersen and his teammates lost the first half with a score of 6:9, after which they took ten rounds for the defense. As a result, mousesports won Train 16:14, and Dust2 -16:12.

There has been only one game in the North American region, where Liquid and 100 Thieves clashed. At Vertigo, Australians lost their advantage of 13:5  - Liquid made it to the overtime, where they won 19:16 without much trouble. The story was repeated on the Mirage map, where after 11:3 they outplayed their rivals 16:14.

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