AdreN: Roughly speaking, we have a new era player Dauren "AdreN" Kystaubayev in an interview to have spoken about the search for optimal roles in the team, his captain experience and possible replacements.

Until recently the game leader of "bears" was Jami "Jame" Ali, but unsatisfactory results led the squad to the decision to change the captain, the role of which now is played by Kystaubayev.

We were just talking: we had a brainstorm, we thought about how we could fix the game and start winning again. We need a high level sniper: Jame is already a sniper, but we wanted him to focus on his game, so that we could have a player like ZywOo or s1mple. In Counter-Strike, the sniper has always been one of the key positions: in almost all top teams, the best players are snipers.

I'm not saying that it was due to the fact that somebody calls badly, but we decided that at least for now this decision will not make it worse - so I can try. It will be easier for me to play too, because I will build the game myself and understand what is going on. Such changes can help us and restore the lost positions. We are trying to refresh our game. The last two weeks we have been doing well in training, we`ll see how it will be in official matches.

AdreN has already had experience as a captain during in the Gambit roster, but for various reasons, the knowledge gained then, in the opinion of the player himself, has little to do with the current status of

It was not an easy time then, I was still a "green" player in this regard, I had a rather modest experience. Over time, I started to listen more to the captains, to follow their actions and how they think. Now I have young teammates, they are good at getting information, absorbing everything. With the old Gambit, it was a bit harder because everyone was an established player.

My way of leading a team is different from Jame's style. He's a sniper, he needs to focus, which is why he didn't say a lot of details. I have everything built on details, I try to explain everything, to talk and to remind about it during the games. Often, Jame couldn't do that, so we might have misunderstandings in some situations.

 After the sensational final of StarLadder Berlin Major 2019, back then still under the AVANGAR tag, the current line-up couldn't achieve any significant results. In this situation, substitutions are the last thing we thought about inside the team, AdreN assures.

I do not think that now we can talk about substitutions at all. Roughly speaking, we have a new era - a new captain, the players began to feel and play differently. Substitutions are the most extreme measures, when nothing works at all. Think about it correctly, it concerns any team in any sport. If there are no results for a long time, you need to change something - if you are sure that you have tried everything possible.

If a team has shown some result at least once, it means that it has it, you just need to develop. We need to return to the emotional balance that was in successful times. We understand that we have already done it, which means we can repeat it. That's the most important thing.

 The upcoming matches of will take place within Group C of the European division ESL Pro League S11, where their rivals will be mousesports, G2, FaZe, OG and TYLOO. The match against FaZe will start on March 30 at 13:00.