Copenhagen Games 2020 cancelled due to coronavirus threat

The organizers of Copenhagen Games 2020 announced the decision to cancel the tournament due to increased quarantine measures in Denmark, which has been the permanent venue of the series since 2010, against the background of the spread of coronavirus COVID-19. The championship was scheduled for early April.

Yesterday, on March 23rd 2020, the Danish government extended all restrictions related to COVID-19 until April 19th. 

A large part of the government’s work on limiting the spread of the virus, like the law prohibiting more than 10 people assembling, is also extended until April 13th, as well as the restrictions on international arrivals in Denmark. 

As Copenhagen Games is within this window of time, it is with a heavy heart we have to announce the cancellation of our 2020 event. 

The planning of Copenhagen Games 2020 has been in the works for more than 6 months and a long battle for the puzzle pieces to fit was finally starting to settle. Ticket sales were up from last year and we were ready to move out to Lokomotivværkstedet and build our event.

This is the first time Copenhagen Games has been cancelled since our start in 2010 and partners, players, crew, and everyone that has been preparing for the event are hurt by the necessity of this - not only financially, but emotionally.

I am very grateful for all your support in terms of being part of the event - without all of you, Copenhagen Games would not exist at all. I am sorry that we cannot go through with the event and sorry for any inconvenience that this is creating for you.

But of course, this is a necessary step in the fight against COVID-19. Health comes first, even if we have to say goodbye to doing things we love. As an event organizer; we have a responsibility for the wellbeing of everyone at our event - be it guests, players, crew or partners. We fully support the decision by the Danish government to help flatten the curve and get us to the other side of this pandemic. 

All guests and players will be refunded via the support on our website.

We are still looking for any way to postpone the event, or maybe to do parts of Copenhagen Games 2020 online. We will return with more info later.

Stay safe.

Zahid Butt

CEO, Copenhagen Games

Previously, a number of prestigious tournaments were either cancelled, switched format to online or rescheduled due to a deadly coronavirus pandemic, including Major ESL One Rio 2020.