EPL S11 Europe. Na`Vi & forZe still able to go through

The penultimate play day in Group B of the European division ESL Pro League S11 has further confused the situation in the leader board. Five teams have a shot to go advance to the playoffs.

In the first match fnatic was stronger than forZe . The Swedes took Nuke 16:14, while the Russian team secured a convincing 16:7 victory on Mirage. The first half of the decisive Dust2 started with a 10:5 score in favor of fnatic, which forZe couldn't respond with dignity after the change of sides. The result was 16:12.

North defeated BIG, earning a second win in the tournament. The Danes won Inferno 16:11, thus taking their rival's peak. At Vertigo it was impossible to determine the best without overtime: the teams mirrored the superiority of the attack side with a score of 10:5, and in a series of additional rounds North players were stronger - 22:20.

The match between Natus Vincere and Complexity, which were one step away from the departure, ended in the triumph of the "born to win" with the final score 2:1. For Kirill team "Boombl4" Mikhailov's the series started unsuccessfully - a 16:14 defeat at Inferno. But on Dust2 parity was restored - 16:8, and then on the decisive Nuke was won with a score 16:12.

To continue the tournament race Natus Vincere and forZe must defeat fnatic and BIG in the last round. The winner of the group will go directly to the playoffs, while the second and third teams will come together in decive matches.

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