Flashpoint 1. HAVU outplayed c0ntact

The sixth play day of the first stage of Flashpoint 1 has come to an end, with single one match out of two planned. The meeting FunPlus Phoenix - Orgless was cancelled by the organizers, because the day before it became known that Patrick "es3tag" Hansen signed a contract with Astralis.

c0ntact triumph on Mirage, the first map of the BO3 series. Thy led with 14:5 score, but managed to finish the game only in the last round of the main period. The match continued on Train, where HAVU were stronger than their opponent - 16:5. As a result of the first half of the decisive Dust2 Havu secured a seven-round advantage, which was enough to bring the game to a winning conclusion.

HAVU reached Group A grand final, which will take place March 24. The day before c0ntact will play against MAD Lions for a place in the deciding game.

As for the cancelled game, the technical defeat of FunPlus Phoenix allowed Orgless to advance to the Group C bottom bracket final, where match against Dignitas awaits them.

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