ORDER qualified for ESEA MDL 33

Following the European and North American divisions of the 33rd season of ESEA MDL, the championship for Australia has come to its conclusion. The only trip from the region to the Global Challenge received ORDER, who defeated AVANT in the final BO5-match - 3:1. It is important to note that ORDER reached the Grand Final through the upper bracket, so they started the decisive match with one map advantage.

The results of the Australian Division playoffs:

Sprout, AGO and Japaleno had previously earned  slots at Global Challenge for Europe and Bad News Bears, Triumph and TeamOne for North America. The last competitor of the international competition, representing Asia, will be determined March 26.

Due to the threat of coronavirus COVID-19, the date and format of the ESEA S33 Global Challenge is currently unknown, where eight teams will play $75,000 and three slots on ESL Pro League S12.

List of ESEA S33 Global Challenge participants:

 Bad News Bears
Asian Division Winner