EPL S11 Europe. CoL defeat BIG, Na`Vi over forZe.

The European division of ESL Pro League S11 continued with matches in Group B. Natus Vincere and Complexity scored their first victories, while the Swedes from fnatic were stronger than North and have led the group.

The third play day started with BIG - Complexity. The teams exchanged victories on each others picks with the same score 16:9 - BIG won on Mirage and Complexity on Nuke. The decisive map Dust2 was appeared to be equal, where in the end everything was decided based the individual actions of the American players: 14:14 on the scoreboard and 16-year-old Owen "oBo" Schlatter made key three kills, defending the set bomb. In the next round William "RUSH" Wierzba in cold blooded manner in a 1 on 1 situation against XANTARES outplayed and brought his team the first victory in the tournament.

Despite being the best team in the world, Na'Vi are struggling to play online, while forZe started the EPL with two wins. Their face-to-face meeting required three map and ended in a win of the Ukrainian team. forZe started with their pick and took the first eight rounds at Inferno. Six rounds in a row in the second half was the best Natus Vincere could do, but that was not enough to win - 16:12. On their pick Na'Vi started with 10-2 in favor of their rivalries, but managed to pull the map into overtime, where they proved their superiority in the first series. The decisive Nuke was not remembered for its clear advantage of one of the teams or the crazy comebacks - at the right moment Na'Vi players were just more accurate and were able to finish the match in their favor, winning 16:13.

In the last game of the day, the fnatic beat North and joined Group B leaders. The Swedes took Vertigo with 16:12 score, the rival's pick. Danes responded with a fairly confident 16:9 victory on Overpass. At the decisive moment North looked less convincing and couldn't stop the fnatic attack on Dust2, which ended 16-8. At the same time, the best player of the match played in the camp "northerners" - during three maps Philip "aizy" Aystrup committed 69 kills with the rating 1.32.

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