EPL S11 Europe. Team Spirit defeat Vitality; NiP top group A

The third round of matches in the group A ESL Pro League Season 11 Europe resulted in the determination of the sole leader, as well as a couple of outsiders. NiP came in first place, who have not yet suffered a single defeat in the tournament. Team Spirit, Astralis and Vitality will try to compete with the Swedish team in the upcoming games. As for the worst representatives of the group, ENCE and GODSENT became them - they have not scored a single point.

The game day started with the confrontation between Ninjas in Pyjamas and GODSENT. The latter could only show up on Nuke, where they lost 16:14. On Overpass, the Ninjas left no chance for the European team - 16-4. The overall win was made possible largely thanks to the individual perfomance of Tim "nawwk" Jonasson, who has joined the Swedish team two months ago. He finished both cards among the leaders of the murders, and his overall rating was 1.55.

Team Spirit and Vitality was the second rivalry of the evening. The match moved on to the third map after the rivals won each other's picks quite confidently: the French took Inferno 16:9, while the Russians were more convincing on Dust2 - 16:5. The decisive Overpass turned out to be more even. Surprisingly for most of the viewers Team Spirit turned out to be victorious in this match.

In the final game ENCE faced serious resistance from the world's top 2 team Astralis in search of their first victory in the tournament. At first the Danes 16:13 took the chosen opponent Dust2, to which the Finnish team responded by winning Inferno - 16:14. They also won the first half of the final Overpass (9-6), but after the change of sides failed in the attack, giving up 10 rounds in a row. The final score of the map was 16:7 in favor of Astralis.

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