Japaleno & TeamOne qualified for ESEA MDL S33 Global Challenge

The European and North American part of the 33rd season of ESEA MDL finished, where two more teams secured a place in the Global Challenge following the playoffs.

Japaleno team joined Sprout and AGO, which had previously come out through the top net of the European division, beating the Scandinavians from Nordavind 16:7 and 16:10 on maps cards.

The results of the European Division playoffs:

The Brazilian team TeamOne is the third participant of Global Challenge from North America. In the decisive match they were stronger than Under 21 - 16:6 and 16:12. Earlier in this region, Bad News Bears and Triumph got tickets to the final stage.

The results of the playoffs of the North American Division:

List of ESEA S33 Global Challenge members:

 Bad News Bears (ex-Riot Squad)
Australia division winner
Asia division winner

ESEA MDL S33 Global Challenge was originally scheduled to take place in April, but due to a coronavirus outbreak it is not clear whether it will be a LAN event format or an online match. In this tournament, eight teams will play 75,000 dollars and three slots on ESL Pro League S12.