EPL S11 Europe. Viewer's guide

ESL Pro League S11 will run online from March 14th to April 12th. The European division of the championship starts with two-stage group in Round-robin BO3 format, which will determine three teams that will fight for the title of regional champion.

Recall that the participants of ESL Pro League S11 were split on a regional basis because of the coronavirus pandemic. The North American division will be played separately and will get its champion.

Seeding the first round of the group stage:

Group A

 Astralis (Xyp9x, dupreeh, gla1ve, device, Magisk)
 Vitality (shox, RpK, apEX, ZywOo, misutaaa)
 NiP (twist, Lekr0, REZ, nawwk, Plopski)
 GODSENT (Maikelele, zehN, STYKO, kRYSTAL, Maden)
 ENCE (allu, Aerial, suNny, xseveN, sergej)
 Team Spirit (chopper, mir, somedieyoung, iDISBALANCE, magixx)

Group В 

 Natus Vincere (flamie, s1mple, electronic, Boombl4, Perfecto)
 fnatic (flusha, JW, KRIMZ, Golden, Brollan)
 North (cajunb, MSL, aizy, Kjaerbye, gade)
 forZe (facecrack, almazer, FL1T, xsepower, Jerry)
 BIG (tabseN, tiziaN, syrsoN, XANTARES, k1to)
 Complexity (RUSH, k0nfig, poizon, oBo, blameF)

Group C

 mousesports (karrigan, chrisJ, woxic, frozen, ropz)
 G2  (JaCkz, huNter-, kennyS, AmaNEk, nexa)
 FaZe (olofmeister, NiKo, rain, coldzera, broky)
 Virtus.pro (AdreN, SANJI, buster, qikert, Jame)
 OG (NBK-, valde, Aleksib, ISSAA, mantuu)
 TYLOO (Summer, Attacker, somebody, Freeman, xeta)

Schedule of the first stage of the group stage:

14 March

14:00  ENCE vs.  Team Spirit BO3
18:00  Vitality vs.  GODSENT BO3
22:00  Astralis vs.  NiP BO3

17 March

14:00  forZe vs.  Complexity BO3
18:00  Natus Vincere vs.  North BO3
22:00  fnatic vs.  BIG BO3

18 March

14:00  NiP vs.  Team Spirit BO3
18:00  Astralis vs.  GODSENT BO3
22:00  Vitality vs.  ENCE BO3

19 March

14:00  forZe vs.  North BO3
18:00  Natus Vincere vs.  BIG BO3
22:00  fnatic vs.  Complexity BO3

18 March

14:00  NiP vs.  GODSENT BO3
18:00  Vitality vs.  Team Spirit BO3
22:00  Astralis vs.  ENCE BO3

21 March

14:00  BIG vs.  Complexity BO3
18:00  Natus Vincere vs.  forZe BO3
22:00  fnatic vs.  North BO3

22 March

14:00  ENCE vs.  GODSENT BO3
18:00  Astralis vs.  Team Spirit BO3
22:00  Vitality vs.  NiP BO3

23 March

14:00  fnatic vs.  forZe BO3
18:00  North vs.  BIG BO3
22:00  Natus Vincere vs.  Complexity BO3

24 March

18:00  Natus Vincere vs.  fnatic BO3
18:00  BIG vs.  forZe BO3
18:00  North vs.  Complexity BO3
22:00  Astralis vs.  Vitality BO3
22:00  NiP vs.  ENCE BO3
22:00  GODSENT vs.  Team Spirit BO3

26 March

14:00  FaZe vs.  TYLOO BO3

27 March

14:00  OG vs.  TYLOO BO3

28 March

14:00  G2 vs.  TYLOO BO3
18:00  mousesports vs.  FaZe BO3

29 March

14:00  mousesports vs.  OG BO3
18:00  G2 vs.  FaZe BO3

30 March

14:00  FaZe vs.  Virtus.pro BO3

31 March

14:00  G2 vs.  OG BO3
18:00  mousesports vs.  Virtus.pro BO3

1 April

14:00  mousesports vs.  TYLOO BO3
18:00  G2 vs.  Virtus.pro BO3

2 April

14:00  Virtus.pro vs.  OG BO3

3 April

18:00  FaZe vs.  OG BO3
18:00  mousesports vs.  G2 BO3
18:00  Virtus.pro vs.  TYLOO BO3

Official broadcasts:

 RU – twitch.tv/csgomc_ru
 EN – twitch.tv/esl_csgo

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