Gen.G and Chaos won their starting matches at Flashpoint S1

In the first games of Group B at Flashpoint 1 Gen.G defeated Env, confirming their status as the favourite, and the main surprise was a "dry" defeat of MiBR by Chaos.

The day began with Gen.G match against Envy. Both teams failed to pick up their own picks: Envy lost to Train in overtime, but were stronger on Inferno 16-13. The first half of the deciding Mirage was almost equal - 9:6 in favor of Gen.G, but after the swap of sides Damian "daps" Steele's team gave only three rounds and ended the game with 16:9 on the scoreboard. This result was possible even despite six lost "pistols" by Gen.G.

It should also be noted that Envy played with a substitution: instead of Caleb "moose" Jane, who is waiting for a visa confirmation, coach Nicola "LEGIJA" Ninic stepped in. At the same time, the German showed not the worst performance and statistically even outpaced his teammate Ryan "ryann" Welsh.

Chaos in the first game after signing Hunter "SicK" Mims surprised MiBR on both maps. The Brazilians didn't play well on Train, giving their pick with a final result 16-6. Next, the rivals switched to Nuke, which is obviously inconvenient for MiBR as the last three months this map has been permoban for the team. The teams played all 30 rounds - 16:14 in favor of Chaos.

Current Group B results on Flashoint 1:

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