Flashpoint 1. HAVU & c0ntact to group A semis

HAVU and c0ntact have won Group A starting matches at Flashoint 1 and will face each other in the top bracket final. The defeated MAD Lions and Copenhagen Flames will continue to compete in the lower bracket.

The BO3 standoff between MAD Lions and HAVU took place on all three cards. On Nuke, which was chosen by the Finnish team, both teams were able to realize the advantage of the defense side, but still with a three-round margin the victory went to the hosts of the card. Mirage also had an equal fight and ended 16:12 in favor of the Lions. In the decisive game, the HAVU players showed the best individual form, thus securing their first victory in the tournament.

The match between Copenhagen Flames and c0ntact started on Nuke. The rivals exchanged the score 9-6 during main time and moved on to overtime, where Luca "emi" Vukovic's team proved its superiority. On the next map c0ntact took 11 rounds on attack, and after the change of the sides the Danish team took the lead. The final result of Mirage is 5:16.

Current Group A results at Flashoint 1:

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