Triumph and Envy are the final representatives of Americas region at the major

Triumph and Envy have won in the lower bracket finals of North American qualification for Americas Minor - Rio 2020. The teams represented will join the list of regional championship clubs with FURIA, Bad News Bears, Gen.G and Cloud9, who passed through the upper bracket, as well as two South American finalists in the face RED Canids and BOOM.

Triumph in slot match has defeated  Orgless, who had secured his participation in the FLASHPOINT S1 a few days earlier.

Envy and Yeah, who updated their squads earlier in the year, collided. On the first ,ap the Brazilians were close to making the comeback from 3:15, taking eight rounds to the row, but the North American team managed to gather themselves up and finish the map in their favor.

The results of the North American qualification:

List of Americas Minor - Rio 2020 participants:

 RED Canids
 Bad News Bears

Americas Minor - Rio 2020 will take place from April 26 to May 2. The finalists of the South American and North American qualifiers will clash in Rio de Janeiro to find out two representatives of the region for the next major.