Espada, Hard Legion, Unique & forZe finalize CIS Minor – Rio 2020

Following the results of the lower bracket qualification for CIS Minor - Rio 2020 the last four participants of the regional tournament have been determined. Espada, Hard Legion, Unique and forZe joined the finalists of the first game day, represented by Winstrike, Gambit Youngsters, Syman and Team Spirit.

Decisive games for slots pushed the opponents to a more equal chance to go to Rio de Janeiro. Hard Legion scored a convincing victory in the match against the Belarusians from Nemiga, for whom the departure at the qualifying stage is a failure, while the Espada being the underdogs of the competition, beating experienced pro100 and HellRaisers. The list of participants of CIS Minor - Rio 2020 includes Unique and forZe, which proved to be superior to 1WIN and pro100 respectively. took a comment from Hard Legion's coach Alexander "MechanoGun" Bogatyrev on the outcome of the successful performance of his charges in the closed qualification.

We knew that we would go to the major, and we were confident in ourselves. We were confident in our new sniper, who fit in 100% and did a tremendous job to catch up with us in tactical terms.

In the game with Unique, the first map was lost because of the starting pressure as we were favorites of this rivalry, while the other two maps were taken with experience. In the match against Syman we had to win, and I think we gave up our game. This will not happen again. Today's game was not very difficult for us: on the first card we sweated a little, and the rest was a matter of technique - to reach the opponent in the tilt!

Thank you to all who supported us. We`ll be even stronger by Minor, everything is just beginning! In Rio, we will humiliate!

 The results of the closed qualification:

List of participants CIS Minor - Rio 2020:

 Gambit Youngsters 
 Team Spirit
 Hard Legion

CIS Minor - Rio 2020 will take place from April 26 to May 2.