Boombl4 answered a few questions regarding IEM Katowice!

Who has been the easiest opponent to call against?

The question is not against who it was easy or hard to call, the right question is who has been the toughest opponet. The toughest team to play against were FaZe, they are a very uncomfortable opponent for us, both games were not free. We can not say that it was easy for us to play against someone. Despite the fact that we took a lot of rounds attacking - it has been the result of our work, we were well prepared for the opponent, we understood their playstyle, talked everything through, landed our shots.

What was the line for the final of bo5?

We prepared for the finals as usual. We didn't know that they were picking up. We understood we had a weak mirage that we've lost to the fnatic. The most important thing for us is to win our maps, play them as if it was a bo1. Anyway, even with a devastating score, we still had a full focus on the game, nobody relaxed until the map finished.

At what point did you realize that you would already be 100% champions?

We were running 2-0 during the mirage, we started snowballing them, and the score was about 8-1, I knew that the victory was really close, but it was a fleeting thought, I was still full focus on the game. But when the score was 14-1, I was already aware that we will not let go of the game and become champions. Whatever happened, even if I had scored very badly, we would have achieved these 2 rounds anyway on an individual basis.

Were the teams really a little weaker than usual or you just were in a very good shape?

FaZe are in good shape, NiP is in bad shape, Liquid is in bad shape, Astralis started the year in bad shape too. But we really played well, with each game we added, fixed the mistakes, felt that we were getting better. It's hard to single out who was weaker, most likely NiP, whom we've beaten without much difficult.

Is there a feeling of euphoria, that no one can stop you? Or is it a full focus on the next tournament, and the desire to continue training?

The feeling of euphoria was when we won, the next day I was just happy. Andrey (Blad3) correctly said that this victory does not say anything yet, not the fact that we will win the next tournament, we must continue to work. This victory is our chance to gain a foothold in the top and try to get to the top-1. We went back home and wrote to each other that we can not relax, we need to be full-focus, we need to continue to show such a game and such a result. Now we will have a couple of days rest and go back to work, fly to the next tournament - ESL about the league, we will train there a lot, we will get the maximum impact from each day. We will bring our game to stability, there is still a lot to understand, but we have been training for a couple of weeks. At the tournament, we usually sort out mistakes in the evening after the games, in the morning Andrey gets up early, watches our demos, records video, then he and I sort it all out, that is, the training process goes along with the tournament in the morning and in the evening. We need to prove the status of the best team in the world.