DreamHack released Clarification on Endpoint’s Anaheim spot

DreamHack settled a dispute between Endpoint and their former players, who represented the British club at ESL Premiership Winter 2019, resulted in winning the DH Open Anaheim 2020 slot. The tournament operator explained why the current Endpoint team is also eligible for a trip to Anaheim.

During the past week there has been an ongoing dispute between the UK organization Endpoint and some of its former players, who represented the organization in the ESL Premiership Winter during 2019. The dispute relates to who holds the DreamHack Open Anaheim spot, which was granted via the tie-in between the ESL National Championships and DreamHack Open, as a part of the ESL Pro Tour.

As a general rule, we see a team qualifying or being invited to a tournament to be eligible, if keeping the same core that qualified or got invited at the time. This relates to a core of three players, not the organization in terms of who holds the spot. This rule has not changed, but we see that it is required for us to clarify further in this particular case.

In this case, we see the full season of ESL Premiership as a 'tournament' or 'qualifier', not just the offline finals by itself.

During our investigation, we found that Robiin, Thomas and MiGHTYMAX all played a minimum of 50% of the matches during the full season, with all three players being contracted players with Endpoint. Puls3 and Russ were contracted by Endpoint during the season as well, while Sayf played as stand-in for Endpoint. Both Robiin and Thomas were barred from playing the season finals, following a violation of the rulebook, which led to the use of standins.

Based on the above, we'd like to clarify that the spot at DreamHack Open Anaheim belongs to Robiin, Thomas and MiGHTYMAX, who are currently contracted to Endpoint.

DreamHack Open Anaheim 2020 will take place February 21-23 in Anaheim, California, USA. Eight teams will fight for a slot at the next DH Masters Series tournament, which will take place June 9-14 in Yenkoping, and a cash prize of $100,000.