North perfomed the rebranding

Today marks a new beginning for North. The organization has redefined the overall brand to emphasize a new dawn where North will aim at becoming the leading Scandinavian esport organization.
In October 2019, North brought on new management. Since then, the organization has been tidied up and strengthened by hiring in crucial positions. 
Today we embark on a new venture.
"We have looked closely at the company and the apparent opportunities that are present in our organization," says Christopher Håkonsson, new CEO of North.
"It became obvious that we needed to focus on a few critical elements in the very foundation of the organization that has been built. So we have changed the way we look at branding, marketing, and sports," says Alexander Pedersen, CMO at North.  
Updated performance team, Kjaerbye re-signs

Starting today, North has embedded a new professional approach to our sporting set up by adding Christian Engell, performance coach to some of the most successful Danish athletes such as Kasper Schmeichel and William Kvist and more. He will work together with Head of Esports Operations Graham Pitt. The new process is key to the transformation of North. 
"Performance optimization has existed in sports forever. It is not something we or any other esports organization has invented. Still, it is something we strive to implement in an even more refined way," says Christopher Håkonsson and adds that "North is committed to staying in esports for the long run." 
Furthermore North is happy to announce that the 21 year old star, Markus “Kjaerbye” Kjærbye has re-signed with North.
"I am happy to have re-signed my contract with North. North came to me with an ambitious new plan for both the team and the organisation. The rebrand looks and feels great, and more importantly, the people in the organisation behind us are determined to succeed. All in all, this feels like the perfect home for me." says Markus "Kjaerbye" Kjærbye. 
Marketing and brand news

Esports are at the forefront of entertainment and taking up more of people's time. North's mission is to entertain and enthuse our fans in Scandinavia and across the globe. 
"We have made significant changes to the way marketing is done at North, both by increasing our budgets substantially but also by professionalizing the team doing brand-marketing," says North CMO, Alexander Pedersen.
"We want to create a "why" to follow North, not just by doing what everyone else is doing. To be a top organization globally, you have to play the long game; creating brands takes a certain amount of endurance and commitment. Creating something that makes people actively selecting us as their organization to support; that's what we want." says Alexander Pedersen.
“North wants to show that Scandinavian values in leadership and business are the perfect aggregator for creating a global entertainment and sports organization,” he adds.
As we look forward, we leave our previous identity behind and look into a transformation that is more suited for an organization like ours, with the heritage we have and values we believe we represent. 2020 will be a pivotal year for North with a variety of exciting news soon to come.