DeKay Mailbag Part 1: Dignitas Update, New League Impact, and Thoughts on Gen.G

Journalist of DBLTAP portal and authoritative insider Jarek "DeKay" Lewis answered popular questions of his readers on Twitter.

Prior to the holidays, I was told everything was still in the works although from what I’ve gathered, hallzerk may not be a part of the project anymore. Some issues surfaced that have complicated the matter and may result in them going with someone else. The other question mark is f0rest, I’m not sure if he has agreed to join just yet. I do think he will eventually make his way there though.

I have not heard any discussions as to who they would get if he does leave. I can only make guesses at this point. Hampus and nawwk are two players I think they might express interest in.

There had been some discussions that included mixwell before he left and TenZ wasn’t a player that was discussed as being involved from what I was told.

Zywoo, s1mple, dev1ce, EliGE and ropz.

There might be a bit of recency bias with ropz, I think electronic is a good shout for that fifth spot as well.