trace intends to return to Counter Strike scene

Well-known professional player in CS 1.6 Martin "trace" Heldt tweeted about the decision to resume his esports career.

Martin "trace" Heldt earned his name in the star team mTw, which he has a been a part of since 2009 to 2011. At that time the team competed for the title of the strongest in the world with Natus Vincere, losing to the Ukrainian club in many prestigious competitions. Together with him the Danish Grand won DreamHack Summer 2010 and became the vice-champion at DreamHack Winter 2009, Arbalet Europe 2009, World Cyber Games 2010 and IEM V European Championship Finals.

In 2012 trace joined Xizt, karrigan, MODDII and Friis in  fnatic, which triumphed at GameGune 2012, Pro Gamer Series Exponor 2012 and DreamHack Bucharest 2012. Shortly after the team moved to the Global Offensive version, he ended his career.

The 29-year-old Dane is now actively commenting on the current Counter-Strike pro-scene and regularly demonstrates his success at CS:GO on social media platforms. On  FACEIT Martin "trace" Heldt is one of Denmark's top 40 best players with 3465 ELOs and plays in the Master League.