HLTV.org updated rating after EPL S10 Finals

The HLTV.org portal has updated its ranking of the strongest teams in the world, in which the finalists of the recent ESL Pro League S10 Finals   mousesports &  fnatic have significantly improved their positions. Finn "karrigan" Andersen's team is now in fifth place, and the Swedish five has moved up from fourth to second place.

After reaching the semifinals in Odense,  Natus Vincere returned to ninth place, which is the highest result of the current team.  MiBR and  G2 improved their position slightly, while the rest of the top 15 teams fell down a few lines. Also, worth noting is the rapid rise of the  ATK: the victory over the  North and  G2 in the EPL S10 Finals allowed them to reach the 19th place.