Heroic are the champions of DH Open Atlanta 2019

DreamHack Open Atlanta 2019 took place November 15-17 in Atlanta, USA. The tournament started with a group stage in the format of Double Elimination (GSL) BO1 + BO3, the four finalists advance to the Single Elimination BO3 bracket to fight for the lion's share of the prize pool of $100,000.

 Heroic began the way to the trophy in Group A, where they took the first place. In addition to the Danish team  CR4ZY,  Virtus.pro &  Sprout made it to the next round.

In the DreamHack Open Atlanta 2019 championship match  Heroic clashed with  Sprout, who met in the semifinals Virtus.pro and CR4ZY respectively. To determine the winner in the decisive BO3 table two maps had been enough.

Distribution of the prize fund:

1.  Heroic – $50,000
2.  Sprout – $20,000
3-4.  CR4ZY – $10,000
3-4.  Virtus.pro – $10,000
5-6.  Illuminar – $3,000
5-6.  INTZ – $3,000
7-8.  Triumph – $2,000
7-8.  Chaos – $2,000