Keeping Things Transparent: Valve's official announcement

A quick update on our plans for 2020 Majors:

Some of the feedback we’ve received in response to our blog post “Keeping Things Competitive” from teams and tournament organizers is that the business of leagues (specifically, shared ownership of leagues between TOs and teams) does not create new conflicts of interest, because similar arrangements have existed in the past and those conflicts of interest are not significant.

While we can point to clear cases where relationships between teams and TOs have generated distrust in the community, we agree that our near-term priority should be collecting more data and requiring more transparency so that conflicts of interest can be properly evaluated.

Therefore, for 2020, teams and players registering for the Majors will be required to publicly disclose their business relationships with other participants and/or the tournament organizer, so that public conversations can be had about the value that leagues and other entanglements offer versus the risk that they pose. Failure to disclose any business with the TO or other participants will likely result in disqualification.

We do not intend to add any other requirements for participation in (or hosting of) 2020 Major Championships.

 The next CS:GO major tournament operator and venue remains unknown, it will take place May 11-24, 2020. The following teams are most likely to attend the upcoming event:  Astralis,  AVANGAR,  100 Thieves,  Evil Geniuses,  ENCE,  Vitality,  Natus Vincere,  Liquid,  mousesports, G2, CR4ZY,  MiBR, FaZe &  North.