ECS S8 Finals groups & schedule revealed

The organizers of the Esports Championship Series presented seeding of the group stage and the schedule of the LAN-final of the eighth season of the championship, which will take place November 28 to December 1 in Arlington, Texas. The eight strongest teams in the online part of the ECS S8, four from each region of Europe and North America, will compete for a prize pool of $500 000.

Group stage seeding:

Group A

 Evil Geniuses

Group B


Preliminary schedule of the tournament:

28-29 November

16:00  Evil Geniuses vs.  AVANGAR BO1
17:30  Liquid vs.  NiP BO1
19:00  Astralis  vs.  Sharks BO1
20:30  fnatic vs.  MiBR BO1
22:00 Group А – Winners' match BO3
01:00 Group B – Winners' match BO3

29-30 November

16:00 Group A - Losers' Match BO3
19:00 Group B - Losers' Match BO3
22:00 Group A - Decisive match BO3
01:00 Group B - Decisive match BO3

30 November

19:00 Semifinal #1 BO3
22:00 Semifinal #2 BO3

1 December

22:00 Grand Final BO3