Groups & schedule for DH Open Atlanta 2019 revealed

DreamHack presented the group stage seeding and DH Open Atlanta 2019 schedule, which will take place November 15-17 in Atlanta, USA. The tournament kicks off with a group stage in the format of Double Elimination (GSL) BO1 + BO3, the four finalists will advance to Single Elimination BO3 bracket top fight for the lion's share of the prize pool of $100 000.

Group stage seeding:

Group A

 The Quest

Group B

 Ben's Anime Team

Preliminary schedule of the tournament:

15-16 November

18:00  Heroic vs.  The Quest BO1
19:30  CR4ZY vs.  Ben's Anime Team BO1
21:00  Sprout  vs.  Illuminar BO1
22:30 vs.  INTZ BO1
00:00 Group А –Winners match BO1
01:30 Group B – Winners match BO1

November 16-17

16:00 Group A - Losers' Match BO3
19:00 Group B - Losers' Match BO3
22:00 Group A - Decisive match BO3
01:00 Group B - Decisive match BO3

November 17-18

14:00 Semifinal #1 BO3
17:00 Semifinal #2 BO3
21:00 Grand Final BO3