Tricked won V4 Future Sports Festival 2019

V4 Future Sports Festival 2019 took place 18-22 September in Budapest, Hungary. The tournament started with a group stage in Double Elimination (GSL) BO3 format, the six finalists of which advanced to the Single Elimination BO3 bracket to fight for the lion's share of the  €300 000 prize pool.

Denmark Tricked started their way to the trophy in Group A, which resulted advancing to the playoffs from the second place. In addition to the Danish team, the next also hosted Europe mousesports, Brazil MiBR, Sweden NiP, Poland & Poland adwokacik.

In the quarterfinals of the playoffs Denmark Tricked beat Poland adwokacik, in the semifinals - Brazil MiBR. The match for the title pushed Nikolai "HUNDEN" Petersen's team against Poland, where the Poles have been defeated with a score 1-2 on maps. Denmark Tricked takes first place in the V4 Future Sports Festival 2019 and gets a solid €150,000.

MVP title  of V4 Future Sports Festival 2019, according to, was awarded to Lucas "Bubzkji" Andersen.

Prize pool distribution:

1. Denmark Tricked – €150 000
2. Poland – €70 000
3-4. Europe mousesports – €20 000
3-4. Brazil MiBR – €20 000
5-6. Sweden NiP – €12 500
5-6. Poland adwokacik – €12 500
5-8. Czech Republic E-RIVALS – €7 500
5-8. Hungary GAMERZONE – €7 500