Luminosity finalizes roster with a 17 year old

Luminosity announced they are renting  W7M player Felipe "skullz" Medeiros. The 17-year-old Brazilian will take place instead  Enrique "HEN1" Telesa, who was benched at the end of August.

Rumors about the possible transfer of Felipe "skullz" Medeiros to Luminosity appeared on August 15, before the expulsion of Enrique "HEN1" Teles from the main squad. Another candidate for the vacant seat in the team was Marcelo "chelo" Sespendes of INTZ.

Felipe "skullz" Medeiros will make his debut as a member of Luminosity at the open North American qualification to DreamHack Masters Malmo 2019, which will be held on September 10-11. The team will also soon participate in the North American division of the ECS S8 league, which will start on September 16.