Lazarus gave up on their male roster

Lazarus has announced the end of its partnership with its men's team on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. The statement says that Canadian multi-gaming intends to focus on other areas.

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At the beginning of April this year, Lazarus signed the Swole Patrol router, which had recently received a slot at the ESL Pro League. Participation in the ninth season of the Pro League, where the American finished last, was the greatest achievement during this period.

Now Lazarus is represented in CS:GO only by the women's squad, which includes the Russians Tatiana "t4tty" Vorontsova, Daria "dshq" Misutina, Alexandra "Riley" Ksenzik, Anna "Ant1ka" Ananikova and Victoria "tory" Kazieva.

Former Lazarus roster:

USA Braxton "swag" Pierce
Canada Yassin "Subroza" Taufik
USA Gage "Infinite" Green
USA Jordan "Zellsis" Montemurro
USA Jacob "yay" Whitaker