ECS Returns to Twitch for Season 7

FACEIT announced it will return to Twitch to broadcast ECS Season 7. The Counter-Strike: Global Offensive event will begin Monday.

Twitch will be a broadcast partner for ECS Season 7, FACEIT revealed. The new partnership follows the success between Twitch and FACEIT Major London, which had 62 million hours watched overall and a peak concurrent viewership of 820,000 on the FACEIT Twitch channel alone.

FACEIT will continue its point drops for CS:GO viewers, and will announce other exclusive rewards at a later date.

"The ECS Season 7 Regular Season will feature the innovative approach to commentary used last season, with ECS veterans James Bardolph and Dan 'ddk' Kapadia forming part of a unique casting trio, with Erik 'da_bears' Stromberg and Henry ‘HenryG’ Greer as special guests scheduled to feature throughout the season," the post read. "The format offers fans a different approach to commentary from the usual casting pairs, with more natural conversational observation from the CS:GO experts, designed to compliment the all-day broadcasts."