IEM Katowice Minors Format Adjusted

Organizers announced a few adjustments were made to the IEM Katowice Minor format. The Minors are still scheduled to take place in January.

The announcement revealed the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive event will not feature a grand finals for the Minors. "Playoffs will consist of four teams in a double elimination best-of-three bracket. This year, there will not be a Grand Final at the Minors; the winner of the upper bracket will be placed first and the winner of the lower bracket second," the post read. "The top two teams from each region will qualify for the Challenger Stage of the IEM Katowice 2019 CS:GO Major."

The IEM Katowice Minors will be held in Katowice. From Jan. 16-20, the CIS and EU Minors will take place. They will be followed by the Asia and America Minors from Jan. 22-26. On Jan. 27 the Minor play-in will be held.

"The team that places 3rd at each Minor will qualify for The Minor Playoff, a last chance to qualify for the Major," it said. "All four teams will be placed in a double elimination bracket with the following pre-established seeding for the opening round: third EU Minor vs. third Asia Minor, third CIS Minor vs. third Americas Minor."

The IEM Katowice Major will start Feb. 14 and end March 3.