Skill Groups Capsule and Subzero Updates Highlight CS:GO Patch

Valve released a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive patch Wednesday with a new skill groups sticker capsule, changes to FMPONE's Subzero and other miscellaneous changes.

The CS:GO patch introduced a new line of community stickers from artist daniDem. The stickers highlight the skill ranks in the game from Silver to Global Elite.

The full list of changes are as follows:

- Skill Groups Sticker Capsule

- Introducing Skill Groups Sticker Capsule featuring nine designs from community artist daniDem.

- Misc

- Ammo panel hides burst and bullet icons in "simplified" mode

- Game icons HUD (bomb / hostage icons) respects cl_drawhud and cl_draw_only_deathnotices

- Huamn players now go through the death sequence when they disconnect, dropping their items instead of taking them with them into the ether. Server operators can disable this feature with the convar mp_disconnect_kills_players 0.

- Maps

- Added loading screen credits for Biome and Subzero

- Subzero

- Stability fix for client precipitation rendering

- Simplified B Upper

- Made floor in Vent flat

- Made pit brighter

- Mid entrance for T's narrowed

- Widened Mid

- Improved clipping

- General optimizations

Biome and Subzero were added to CS:GO on Oct. 9 before being added to competitive mode on Nov. 6.