Team Dignitas Rebrands to Dignitas; Reveals New Logo

Team Dignitas announced it will rebrand and become Dignitas. The rebranding includes a new logo for Dignitas.

Dignitas explained its goal for continued esports growth led to the rebranding. "As we look ahead to the coming years, the esports industry is entering a new era -- an era where an esports team is an aggregate of professional athletes and streamers, fans are both global and localized to the team’s home base and content goes well beyond gameplay," the post read.

The new name also brings a new logo to represent its direction for the future.

"The esports audience is always asking about the roots of the word ‘Dignitas’, so the refresh is the perfect vehicle to explain," Dignitas CEO Michael Prindiville said."Dignitas is a term derived from Ancient Rome loosely meaning prestige, or more specifically, the respect and opinion your peers have of you based on all of your contributions to this earth. We love that concept! It’s such a simple life message -- do things the right way, across all aspects of your life, and your Dignitas will be strong."

Dignitas has esports teams competing in various esports, like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Heroes of the Storm.