Mousesports Opts Out of EPICENTER

Mousesports opted not to attend EPICENTER 2018, it revealed in announcement published Sunday, citing a packed schedule.

The organization made its announcement via Twitter, and apologized to fans in Moscow. The ​Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team is not the first to have received an invitation to the event and bowed out, as the ​second team invited to the event, Astralis, ​announced the same decision Oct. 2.

Mousesports' announcement comes amid reports that its lineup will undergo major changes, as the team may be ​considering benching star player Janusz "Snax" Pogorzelski after ​buying his contract from June 27 for a ​reported $290,000.

Mousesports last competed at StarSeries Season 6, where it picked up a disappointing ninth-11th place finish after losing to BIG. That placement and a 15th-16th place loss at the FACEIT London Major appear to be dimming the shine on the ​ESL One New York victory that the team earned between the two poor finishes.