Astralis Wins BLAST Pro Series Istanbul

Astralis beat MIBR Saturday to win the BLAST Pro Series: Istanbul tournament.

The BLAST Pro Series Istanbul grand finals ended with Astralis beating MIBR 2-1. Astralis took the first map, Train, before MIBR won the second map, Overpass. The game was pushed to a deciding map three on Inferno, where Astralis eventually won.

Astralis' momentum is still going strong. The Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team recently won the FACEIT Major: London over Natus Vincere, with a 2-0 victory. Although it lost to North at DreamHack Masters Stockholm, Astralis never slowed down and quickly climbed back to the top. It continues to prove its dominance against nearly every team on nearly every CS:GO map.

Astralis picked up Emil "Magisk" Reif in February, which helped it become one of the strongest CS:GO teams of the year.

The team's next competition will be EPICENTER in October.