Team Liquid Invited to EPICENTER

EPICENTER invited Team Liquid to its premier Tuesday in a YouTube video shared to the organization's official Twitter account.

The video, filmed in Source Filmmaker using Russian voice actors and English subtitles, features two ​Counter-Strike: Global Offensive characters in a therapy session. After complaining about the state of modern CS, the patient remembers back to his happiest CS memory. The video cuts to Team Liquid at the 2017 ELEAGUE Premier before cutting back to the CS character wishing he could return to EPICENTER.

The video closes with text reading, "EPICENTER clinic will be receiving patients from 22 to 28 October in Moscow," referring to the date and location of competition.

Team Liquid is the fourth team to receive an invitation to EPICENTER. It was preceded by Natus Vincere Sept. 5, ​Astralis Sept. 10 and ​FaZe Clan Wednesday. EPICENTER is expected to invite one more team, leaving three slots open for qualification.

EPICENTER announced the return of the premier​ Aug. 15.