ECS Season 6 Finals Coming to Texas in November

FACEIT announced Wednesday the ECS Season 6 finals will be held at Arlington, Texas from Nov. 22-25.

The Counter-Strike: Global Offensive competition will host its finals in Texas. Organizers announced the ECS Season 6 Finals will feature a $750,000 prize pool and the top finishers from the online season for both North American and European teams.

Both the European and North American qualifiers for ECS Season 6 will run until Thursday, and again from Saturday to Sunday, where the finalists from each qualifier will advance to the Challenger Cup on Sep. 27-30. A relegated team for each of the ECS Season 5 regions will join, including Gambit as the European team and compLexity Gaming from North America, and three invited teams and four Open Qualifier teams.

The ECS Season 6 finals will feature eight CS:GO teams in total competing for the championship.

UPDATE 3:00 p.m. ETD

FACEIT deleted its previous tweet stating it was "misleading" and the prize pool for the event is actually $750,000 instead of the stated $3 million.