Sky Sports to Broadcast the FACEIT Major Finals

FACEIT announced that Sky Sports will be broadcasting the final matches of the FACEIT Major in London, England.

Sky will be airing multiple programs on the event including a one hour documentary on the "Road to the FACEIT Major" as well as a live broadcast of the finals. Also, a highlights program capturing the most exciting plays from the event will air right after the event on Sky Two at 11 pm.

This partnership is mainly due to the great success that the other sections of the event have had. The New Challengers stage boasted the highest amount of viewership ever seen at that current stage in the Major.

Georgie Faulkner, Sky Sports Head of Multi Sports said, "FACEIT Major is one of the world’s biggest esports events, and we’re delighted to be able to bring the London finals to a whole new audience. We’re no stranger to the world of esports, but this is the first time we have broadcast competitive CS:GO and we can’t wait to get started."

The FACEIT Major is set to conclude with the playoffs on Sept. 20-23 at the SSE Wembley Arena. The event has currently sold-out the 10,000 seat arena and will be one of the highest points of CS:GO esports this year.