ESL Tournament Director Steps Down to Spend More Time With Family

Jonas Alsaker "bsl" Vikan has stepped down from his position of Tournament Director for ESL. He announced his departure over Twitter, as he retired after nearly 20 years in the industry.

Bsl was the man responsible for the setup and execution of every major tournament ESL was involved in. In his own words, he stated that he "supervised 11 pro-level competitions in that period, in Germany, US (New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Dallas), Denmark, Malaysia, South Korea, Poland, Australia and Brazil."

In his statement, bsl announced he was stepping down as he was spending many months away from his two children. In his statement, he explains that he could not accept being away from his three and five-year-old children for four to five months at a time.

ESL has not yet announced who would be replacing bsl as the tournament director.