TaZ Will Miss First CS:GO Major of His Career

Wiktor "TaZ" Wojtas and his new Polish squad Kinguin were unable to qualify through the European Minor and make the FACEIT Major, marking the first time TaZ has failed to attend a Major in his career.

At the EU Minor, Kinguin lost its' opening matchup against German team Sprout. Afterwards, Kinguin faced Red Reserve, the young Swedish team, and lost the best-of-three 2-0. This means that Kinguin was knocked out of the event after three maps and did not win a single one.

This is a poor and disappointing performance by TaZ and this will mean that the FACEIT Major will be the first major event he will miss in Counter-Strike since 2006. That is a 12-year span of appearances at major tournaments for TaZ and is a signal for a change of guard in the scene.

All of the old guards and former stars of CS:GO are beginning to fall off and get replaced by newer and younger stars that have better skill. This is seen with the decline of NiP, Virtus.pro and the French scene.

In an ever evolving game, this is natural and should be expected to happen in basically every sport there is. However, it is still somewhat sad to see these once legendary players who have had so much success begin to falter and struggle to keep up.