m0e Banned Indefinitely on Twitch for Possible Homophobic Slurs

Mohammed "m0E" Assad, a popular CS:GO Twitch streamer was reportedly banned indefinitely from Twitch for "Hateful Conduct" as laid out by Twitch's Community Guidelines. M0E himself has speculated that the ban he received was a 30-day ban.

The former Echo Fox player is widely known for his rage-heavy Twitch stream and skillful gameplay. It is unknown if he was banned indefinitely for using homophobic slurs in particular, but it may have contributed to the length of his ban.

M0E is no stranger to controversy, having been at the center of a scandal alongside skin gambling website CS:GO Diamonds. In that scandal m0E and CS:GO Diamonds were in an advertising deal, where m0E would use the website and gamble live on his stream. The relationship between the two soured when it was alleged that the site had given m0E an unfair advantage.