G2 Esports Allowing Mixwell to Explore Options With Other Teams

G2 Esports will be allowing Oscar "mixwell" Cañellas to explore options with other teams.

It's not too much of a surprise after the rumors of Cloud9 looking into certain members of G2.

G2 brought mixwell to the team in March as part of a trial to have a new team structure that had Nathan "NBK-" Schmitt as the team's in-game leader. Now after a series of tough finishes, G2 is looking into making decisions about the long-term of the CS:GO lineup and allowing mixwell to explore other options.

Jerome ‘NiaK’ Sudries, the G2 coach and manager wrote about Mixwell in the press release, "Oscar has been an incredible teammate ever since he joined us for a trial and in a particular context which has undoubtedly added difficulties for him to show his full potential. His maturity, his worth ethic but also his ability to adapt to a new role and all of that in a language that he hasn’t practiced for years makes Oscar a player of a rare value in CS:GO. We have no doubts that he will find success in the upcoming years, regardless whether he ends up in G2’s final lineup or not.”

G2 plans to have an updated roster for the ECS Season 5 Finals in London.