FACEIT to Hold Minors for Upcoming CS:GO Major at Twickenham Stadium

FACEIT, tournament organizer behind the Esports Championship Series, announced on Thursday the location and dates for the $50,000 Minors leading up to the FACEIT London Major in September. All the Minors will take place at Twickenham Stadium in London.

This will mark the first time a CS:GO Major organizer has hosted all Minors in a centralized location.

"Having all Minors take place in London and more time between online qualifiers and Minors also ensures no team that gets to the Minor will face visa issues for the Major itself. While less time between the Minors and the Major will mean fewer roster changes and more consistency between competitions so teams can focus on the game," FACEIT said in a news release.

The dates for the Minors are as follows:

  • Americas Minor: July 7-11
  • CIS Minor: July 10-13
  • Asia Minor: July 16-20
  • Europe Minor : July 19-22

“By hosting each stage of the tournament at Twickenham Stadium we’re hoping to bring new life to the Minors,” said Michele Attisani, Co-Founder and Chief Business Officer of FACEIT, in a news release. “The Major should be a celebration of all things CS:GO, we want to bring teams together for the first time and make sure teams of all levels feel welcome and feel the Major experience.”

The FACEIT Minors Open Qualifiers begin on May 14 and run until June 17. HellRaisers, AVANGAR, FlipSid3 Tactics, Team Spirit, Pro100, EPG, ForZe and Nemiga Gaming were invited to the FACEIT Closed CIS Qualifier. Renegades and TyLoo were invited to the FACEIT Asia Minor.