The line-up for ECS League S5 is set

The qualifying round for the fifth season of Esports Championship Series has come to its conclusion, the finalists from both North American & European divisions have secured themselves the spot for the finals. Kazakhstan Gambit and Sweden GODSENT were the winners of the European qualification round. For North American region  North America compLexity & USA Rogue have managed to secure themselves a spot for lan finals. USA eUnited (ex-Rise Nation) managed to claim themselves another spot from North American due to Immortals refusal to participate in FaceIt league.

ECS S5 EU Challenger Cup qualifying bracket:

ECS S5 NA Challenger Cup qualifying bracket:

European ECS S5 participants:

Denmark Astralis
France EnVyUs
Europe FaZe
Sweden fnatic
France G2
Europe mousesports
Sweden NiP
Kazakhstan Gambit

North American ECS S5 participants:

Brazil SK
USA Cloud9
North America Liquid
Denmark OpTic
Australia Renegades
Brazil Luminosity
North America compLexity
USA Rogue
USA eUnited

Esports Championship Series starts on Match 13 and will end with a lan final June 8-10 in London. 10 best teams from each regions will participate in the event with the $90 000 prize pool for online part & 8 best teams would battle each other for a share of solid $750 000 prize money.