WESG announce venue and format

WESG 2017 will complete in the third month of 2018.

The World Electronic Sports Games have revealed the venue as well as the format for the $1,500,000 tournament. On March 13, 32 teams from around the world will come together in Haikou, Hainan, China to fight for the largest portions of the prize pool. The venue for the event will be Haikou International Convention & Exhibition Center.

The 32 teams will be split up into eight groups of four teams and use a best of one Round Robin system to determine the two teams from the eight groups who will advance to the second group stage. The second group stage will comprise of four groups of four teams using best of two Round Robin. The eight teams to advance from this stage will then play a best of three single elimination bracket to determine the champion.

The full team list is as follows:

GroupA GroupB GroupC GroupD GroupE GroupF GroupG GroupH
MVP PK Godsent ViCi SK Ukraine    Space Soldiers Cloud9  ORDER
subtLe AGO  Belgium   BIG EnVyUs   Recca Onliners  NOREG 
oNe  Swole Patrol Parallax Russia Bravado  Isurus   SZ Absolute EMC 
 NSPR B.O.O.T-d[S]  Wololos  NEW4  Viva Algeria   Limitless  Fnatic MAX 

Here is the prize breakdown:

1. $800,000
2. $300,000
3. $150,000
4. $70,000
5-8. $25,000
9-16. $10,000