M80 finds replacement for malbsMd

North American esports club M80 has revealed the name of the player who will take the position on the roster, which became vacant after Mario "malbsMd" Samayoa's departure to G2. It is a 19-year-old American esports athlete Mason "Lake" Sanderson. The official announcement was published on the organization's X social media account.

Since January of this year, Sanderson has been competing for Carpe Diem. Lake's average rating over the past three months amounted to 1.26 (in 32 maps). Mason does not yet have experience playing at international LAN tournaments.

Note that a few days ago Bobby "stamina" Eitrem announced his departure from M80 – since March of this year he had been an analyst of the roster.

M80's updated Counter-Strike 2 squad will debut next week at the Esports World Cup 2024 event in Saudi Arabia. In the first stage of the tournament, the team will face Vitality. M80 is now in full force at the bootcamp in Katowice, Poland.

 M80 are now:

 Michael "Swisher" Schmid
 Ethan "reck" Serrano
 Fritz "⁠slaxz-⁠" Dietrich
 Elias "s1n" Stein
 Mason "Lake" Sanderson

 Rory "dephh" Jackson (coach)

Origin: x.com