Ex-5W lineup disbands

Briton Thomas "Thomas" Utting stated that his team, which had been representing 5W tag for several weeks, had disbanded. Just recently Utting stated that the roster would continue to compete together, despite departing the Indian club.

Unfortunately we haven’t been able to keep the 5W roster together, so we have decided to part ways and allow everyone to be F/A.

Thomas also announced his search for a new team as an in-game leader. The British esports athlete is interested in offers from Europe and North America.

According to rumors, one of the ex-5W players, namely Hristiyan "REDSTAR" Pironkov, will become the fifth player of Into the Breach's new Counter-Strike 2 roster. This was reported by insider Vlad "harumi" Radvilovich.

Note that the squad played 14 maps under the auspices of 5W at the regional online tournament Regional Clash Arena Europe 2024. The lineup secured first place at the event and received $30,000 in prize money. After that, the players parted ways with the organization because of 5W's management scamming them.

 Ex-5W are:

 Thomas "⁠Thomas⁠" Utting
 Joel "⁠joel⁠" Holmlund
 Deyvid "⁠h4rn⁠" Benchev
 Hristiyan "⁠REDSTAR⁠" Pironkov
 Luca "⁠pr1metapz⁠" Voigt

 Mariusz "Loord" Cybulski (coach)

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