TheMongolz win MESA Nomadic Masters Spring 2024

Byambasuren "bLitz" Garidmagnai's squad won the MESA Nomadic Masters Spring 2024 LAN tournament, which took place from May 28 to June 2 in the capital of Mongolia, Ulaanbaatar.

In the final, TheMongolz bested BLEED with a scoreline of 3:1 – 10:13 on Anubis, 13:10 on Mirage, 13:11 on Ancient, 13:11 on Inferno.

TheMongolz received $50,000 for the victory. The runner-up earned half the amount. Aurora and Lynn Vision, which finished third and fourth, secured $15,000 and $10,000, respectively. The remaining participants did not receive any awards.

In total, eight rosters took part in the event; they competed for a $100,000 prize pool. The competition was held in a Double Elimination format without a preliminary group stage.

The final MESA Nomadic Masters Spring 2024 bracket looks as follows:

The prize pool distribution is:

1.  TheMongolz – $50,000
2.  BLEED – $25,000
3.  Aurora – $15,000
4.  Lynn Vision – $10,000