Krad suspects one of MOUZ NXT players of using "radar"

AMKAL's Vladislav "Krad" Kravchenko suspected one of the players of MOUZ's youth roster of cheating. He is talking about Oldřich "PR" Nový. The Russian esports athlete noticed that PR looked at his desk/keyboard too often while playing.

Just sitting and watching replays from CCT matches, and i have found one interesting thing, is it okey for MOUZ NXT’ PR to play with radar? Can someone explain that? Just open any match and look at his cam.

Krad does not have hard evidence, but to support his words, he cited several clips where PR actually looks down for some reason during the round.

The IGL of 9 Pandas, Denis "seized" Kostin, left a comment on Krad's post on the X social media, in which he noted that a few weeks ago he noticed PR's tendency to look away from the monitor, but could not find an explanation for it.

I saw this a month ago, but in the game it wasn't clear that he was using the radar, so I didn’t even write about it. Maybe it was some kind of anxiety tic or I [don't know], I couldn't find an explanation.

The coach of MOUZ's academy roster, Tobias "TOBIZ" Theo hastened to explain the strange behavior of one of his players. According to him, PR suffers from an anxiety tic, which is why he constantly presses Caps Lock.

Not because any of you is owed a explanation and Im not gonna share any records of PR's medical status to the public. The rounds where he is looking down is because, believe it or not, he is spamming CAPS as a tick. Factor in the delay in webcams (from his phone) and then yes, it can look suspicious, but why would he stick a plant on ancient if he can see on his "supposed" radar that enemy is going to kill him in that situation? In the nuke clip before the ticks kick in he has information about everyone where they are at, so what is the need to look.

Kravchenko was not satisfied with this explanation: he noted that the Czech esports athlete does not always look exactly at the Caps Lock indicator when he lowers his eyes down. Krad also added that no such strange behavior was noticed in matches at the LAN tournament for PR. In this regard, Vladislav demanded from MOUZ's management an explanation and proof of the player's innocence.

According to HLTV, over the past three months the Czech has played 150 maps with an average rating of 1.15 – which is the highest number among all MOUZ NXT members. The player has been competing for the German club's academy squad since July of last year.